Meet the Kindergators
We are the Kindergators
There's ten of us plus our teacher, Miss Harmony. Right now we are sitting in Friendly Circle and saying "Good morning!" to everyone. Friendly Circle is the way Miss Harmony starts off every school day.
Oops! Harry isn't sitting down in Friendly Circle. Harry is walking backward into the room and he bumps and thumps and knocks over chairs! What are we going to do with Harry? Oh my goodness! There's Miracle sitting in the corner. Miracle is having a meltdown! Why? Who knows? She does it all the time!
Why did Rosemary Wells want to write a new series about a bunch of little gators, anyway?

Rosemary Wells has been talking with teachers for a dozen years and she really listens up! What do those teachers say? Well, they say a lot of kids come to school bumping, thumping, melting down, making messes, bossing around, not sharing, you name it! One teacher in Florida told Ms. Wells, "They act like a bunch of alligators sometimes!"

"Aha!" said Rosemary Wells. "What do teachers do about all this behavior?"

Well, for one, Miss Harmony calls Friendly Circle into emergency session! Everyone puts on their blue thinking cap to help solve the problem. Nobody's perfect! We solve only one problem in each book. That's enough for one day! With Miss Harmony's help and a few Responsive Classroom ideas, we, the Kindergators, manage to make things a little better every time, for our classmates and whoever needs to learn a little more about how to get along!

And that's how KINDERGATORS began, from that nice kindergarten teacher in Florida who introduced Rosemary Wells to the Responsive Classroom system and the gators it serves so well!
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