Meet the Kindergators
Present a Good-Behavior Gold Star
The gold star is the perfect way to reward a student who is demonstrating good behavior. Students can present them to their classmates.
Counting Cards
Download and print counting cards — they’re perfect for practicing numbers and calming meltdowns!
Use the Feelometer as a tool in the classroom or at home to help children understand and discuss their emotions.
Color Harry
Download and print this adorable coloring sheet so your children can make this illustration their own.
Activity Suggestions
This list of activities includes things like role playing a social problem experienced in the classroom, implementing Friendly Circle into the classroom, and writing a letter to Harry talking about his behavior. These activities are perfect follow-up lessons for after students have read the book.
Thinking and Discussing
Download and print this list of prompts to discuss topics and themes from Kindergators: Hands Off, Harry! in your classroom or at home with your children.
Being Friendly
Engage students by creating a list of what it means to be a friendly classmate. Ask questions such as, "What makes a good classmate? What are friendly things to do? What are unfriendly things to do?"
Playing Detective
Start a discussion about emotions asking students how they know what people are feeling and different ways to play detective about someone's mood.
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